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If you have a close friend or family member that is having a wedding soon, it’s time to celebrate their new commitment of their love with a great wedding gift.

Wedding gifts are various and can be something simple to something extravagant and personalised for the couple. When thinking of wedding gifts most people think of house-warming type gifts and this is typically what most people give.

You can also go with gifts outside of this realm as well. We have scoured the internet (these wedding gift ideas are available in Australia) to provide you with 40 different wonderful wedding gift ideas that are sure to please anyone.

Let’s start with the basics and traditional wedding gifts and later we will discuss more unique and personalised wedding gifts.

Our Top 40 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Entertainment Platters

An attractive and quality platter or 3 is a must have when entertaining guests. Many beautiful pieces made of pewter, silver, porcelain or ceramic can be purchased for reasonable prices.

2. Monthly Subscription

For the couple who have it all… Try purchasing a 6 month or yearly subscription to any of the many companies who supply a monthly delivery of their products. There are many to choose from… coffee, fruit, wine, tea, magazines, gourmet foods, cookies or pamper packs are just a small selection of monthly boxes on offer.

3. Personalised Wine Bottle

A modern day concept of taking a high quality bottle of wine or champagne and adding a label that includes the couples names, dates and/or a personal message. A fantastic offering that can be cracked open and savoured on an important anniversary or after the birth of their first child.

4. Novelty Items

Everyone wants to present the happy couple with a gift they will remember. There is a multitude of options available for funny, quirky, cute and/or personalised wedding gifts out there and these items, if well thought out and made of prime materials, can often bring a smile to their faces years after the wedding. Keep it classy though…

5. Indulgent Hamper

The personal touch… Don’t buy one, create a hamper yourself, completely suited to the couples personalities and tastes. Include gourmet food items, bath products, massage oils, reading material, candles, chocolates and wine.

6. Exquisite Dinnerware

Every newly married couple needs a set of classic, great quality dinner ware. This type of dinnerware comes in handy when hosting important parties and holidays, any type of celebration is great with a quality set of dinnerware. When thinking about style and colours choose something classic with neutral colours, this will be great for anyone no matter what their tastes may be.

7. Classic Copperware

Whether the newly married couple has already been living together they still will need at least one piece of classic copperware. Choose something that will get the most use such as a copper saucepan or copper Dutch oven. Everyone needs at least one piece of copperware in their lives.

unique-wedding-gift-ideas8. Picnic Hamper

A practical and fun gift for a couple who just love to get out in the world… Large sets are great for gatherings with family and friends or smaller back pack size hampers are ideal for those who love to bush walk or find secluded spots to enjoy one-on-one time.

9. An All-Purpose Mixer

When it comes to baking an all-purpose mixer is a must! Nobody has time to mix everything by hand and most baking recipes requires the use of a mixer. All-purpose mixers are a better choice than a classic hand mixer because they are versatile. You can whip up just about anything with an all-purpose mixer and the couple will be delighted.

10. Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great wedding gift because most couples don’t even think about these as something they need. Coffee table books provide many pictures with informational text or humorous text. These come in handy when you have guests over and are busy getting dinner on the table or getting dressed to go out. It will provide entertainment while your guests are sitting by the table.

11. Salt & Pepper Mills

A smaller specialty accessory, that whilst not necessary to daily life, are a gorgeous and classy accompaniment to a dinner party. Think stainless steel automatic mills from a well known company and add a selection of rock salt and peppercorns to the gift.

12. Statue/Water Feature

An eye-catching statuette can be a stunning centrepiece for the home or backyard. Be careful though as it can be hit or miss with personal taste… You really need to know your couples décor preferences. Does their home have a Balinese theme? A big bellied Buddha for good luck would work well or a soothing waterfall can create a relaxed atmosphere.

13. Gift Voucher

Not a boring gift if you think outside the square…Physical presents have lasting memories but so does entertainment and life experience.. use your imagination. Whale watching, dinner, Gold Class movie, cooking class, museum membership or a hot air balloon flight are a few awesome choices.

14. Traditional Cookbook

Every couple needs a traditional cookbook with all the favourites packed inside. Choose a cookbook with plenty of easy to cook meals and classic dinner staples. Try choosing a cookbook that you know revolves around the couples taste, if the bride likes French cuisine choose a French cookbook, or if the groom likes Thai choose one in the Thai culture.

15. Classic Style Flatware

A quality set and classical style of flatware is a must for everyone. Without them nobody would be able to eat their food! Choose a style that is simple and classic, silver flatware that is sturdy and well-made should suffice.

16. Coffee Machine

If you know the couple to be married loves coffee why not invest in a great coffee machine. Consider the newer options on the market that make the process of making coffee easier than it’s ever been. These self-automated machines are so simple, just pop a coffee pod inside and press a button, you are ready to go.

17. Champagne Flutes or Wine Goblets

Choosing either one is all dependent on the couple themselves, do they prefer champagne or wine? If they like both, why not choose both or refer a friend to the other gift idea? Every couple needs a set of champagne flutes or wine goblets for those special occasions or when couples just want to relax with a great dinner and spend time alone.

18. Day Spa Voucher

A sweet and thoughtful present… Often the bride and groom have experienced the whirlwind of the wedding and honeymoon only to return home and find the stresses of day to day life are hard to get used to after all the fun. Send them off for a couples massage to help ease the pain

wedding-gift-ideas-australia19. Classic Board Game

Every couple needs a classic board game to have fun together or with a group of friends. With so many video games to choose from you might wonder why you should worry about a board game at all. Board games will always be popular and they are perfect on nights when the weather is bad and power has been lost, board games will provide just the entertainment that is needed in situations like these.

20. Personalised Canvas Print

Canvas prints are great additions to the home, they look beautiful on the wall and give the home a cosy feel. You can have a canvas print made that is personalised with dates, names, quotes or pictures. You could choose an engagement picture of the couple and have their wedding date and names personalised on the print. This makes for an extraordinary gift.

21. Create a Scrapbook

This wedding gift is extra special and requires someone who is crafty. After the wedding has ended and the newlyweds are on their way to their honeymoon make prints of their wedding pictures and create a wedding day scrapbook. Make sure to let the couple know you are creating something extra special that will be given to them when they come back, just to let them know you haven’t neglected to give them a wedding gift.

22. Personalised Throw Blanket

This would be a wonderful wedding gift as every couple needs a great throw blanket for the house. You can add a touch of personalisation by adding the couple’s last name and incorporating colours and designs the couple enjoys.

23. Photo Albums

Photo albums are a necessity for everyone to hold their precious pictures and memories. Go for something classic and timeless, you can choose to personalise this as well if you would like.

24. Luxurious Pillows or Sheets

Every couple needs a soft and luxurious set of sheets and pillows, you know the kind you rest your hard working body on in a five star hotel on vacation, and this is what we are referring to. Sometimes people just need the feeling of being pampered after a long hard day of working and this will do the trick.

25. Our Family Memories Collection

Start a new family tradition. Present the new couple with a special book designed to start from when they first met and have one page devoted to each of the important days they experience throughout their lives together and includes more than just photos but important tokens from those memories. It will become a priceless memento for them, their children and future generations.

26. Cash

Great for helping out with big ticket purchases such as a new bedroom or lounge suite, the honeymoon or just new touches to the marital home. A little impersonal and not really a memorable gift, but a popular choice for modern couples, who generally foot the bill for the wedding and reception on their own.

27. Luggage Tags

Are your couple regular travellers for work or pleasure? Real leather luggage tags beautifully embossed with their initials, names or a personal symbol can be a thoughtful and unique option for their wedding day.

28. Buy A Star

A gift that’s out of this world… You can name a star after the happy couple. They will receive a gift box including what the name is, the date it was registered, the constellation and the coordinates among other items. Try an internet search for trusted providers.

29. Picture Frames

Everyone needs picture frames, without them there would be no personalisation in the home. Choose picture frames in classic styles, or if you know the couple well choose frames that are suited to their tastes and personalities. Picture frames are a wonderful addition to the home and everyone appreciates them.

ideas-for-wedding-gifts30. Matching Watches

A memorable gift, ideally from a close relative, especially the grooms/bride’s parents or grandparents. A very touching and personal gift that if it is true quality craftsmanship can be passed down to the next generation as a family heirloom.

31. Engraved Pens

In our modern lives it is all about computers but don’t underestimate the power of the pen. Elegant and upmarket pens engraved with the couples names is a lasting and significant present for some of your favourite people.

32. Crystal Decanter Set

Crystal is quality and classic. With careful handling, crystal items can last the length of a lifelong marriage easily and are always an elegant touch to the home or when entertaining friends. A Decanter set is perfect for your spirits and is a present both bride and groom will appreciate.

33. Bread Maker

Most couples these days have lived together prior to marriage and have the standard kitchen items, but the smell of baking bread can fill a home and hearts like nothing else. Couples can cater their bread to suit their tastes and enjoy providing a staple for their families right there at home.

34. Towel Sets

Egyptian cotton bath towel sets are luscious and decadent and truly appreciated by those who generally can’t afford such quality. Match the towels to the couples bathroom décor or take it one step further and have them embroidered with their names or Mr & Mrs/Lord & Lady.

35. Crystal Vase

Not just for older couples… There are many modern crystal vases on the market that are beautiful without looking old or antique. They are not only beautiful but practical for when receiving flowers they will always have a stunning way to display them.

36. Kitchen Scales

Designed to weigh small amounts, they are an invaluable item in the kitchen when cooking but also a practical appliance that will come in handy on many different occasions, throughout day to day life. A perfect option if the bride or groom, fancy themselves as a master chef.

37. A Clock

A traditional present… With the right choice of style and catering to the personalities of the couple it can be a timeless (no pun intended) piece that bears witness to the events and experiences of the family home throughout many long years of marriage.

38. Juicer

Give the gift of health… In this day and age of keeping fit and caring for your health the option to create delicious and healthy juice on your kitchen bench appeals to many. The bride and groom can start out each day refreshed by their own blend of favourite fruits and vegetables.

39. Extensive Spice Rack

You would be surprised at the large and attractive range of spice racks now available on the market. Even if the couple aren’t big on cooking they will find many and varied ways to spice up their meals when they have this present on hand.

40. A Fruit Tree

Ideal for the couple who have already purchased their first home. A living gift that they can plant in their yard and watch grow as their family grows… Fruit trees are very nice as they will supply the couple with seasonal fresh fruit.

We hope this list has provided you with many ideas for the perfect wedding gift, after all we did work really hard on it! Do you have any suggestions for the perfect wedding gift for a newly married couple?

We would love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comment section below. We hope you enjoyed this article and it will be useful for any upcoming weddings in your lives.

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