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With summer coming upon us quickly and the beach calling our names, it’s a good time to get our ‘house’ in order. Sure you can wax it yourself (some of it anyways) and save a few bob, but why not let a professional do it better?

There are great waxing joints all over Brisbane city and surrounding suburbs, so you are never short of options. Plus, waxing has become such a competitive service between salons that prices are extremely affordable.

So if you want to get your wax on this week, check out our latest top list for Brisbane. While you are at it, why not check out our top list on the best teeth whitening services in Brisbane as well.

Waxing In Brisbane – Our Top 11 Salons For Waxing In All Areas Of Brisbane & The City

The Revival Lounge | CBD

So you want to get rid of those pesky bits of hair, but aren’t really sure where to turn to in Brisbane? Well, check out The Revival Lounge. While the salon highlights their hair styling and makeup services, their waxing and hair removal is where it’s at!

The Revival Lounge offers waxing, sugaring and specialised IPL hair removal services, so no matter how you want your hair removed, they are sure to have you covered.

Their salon is serviced by highly trained therapists who have a minimum of 5 years experience in the industry, so this is a great place for waxing in Brisbane city.

In terms of pricing, a bikini wax will set you back $29 and for men, a chest wax will cost you $45.

GB Salon | 7 Locations Around Brisbane

Glamour Beauty Salon is 100% dedicated to removing every inch of hair from your body. They primarily focus on 3 different types of waxing. Bikini line, Brazilian waxing, and nostril and ear waxing.

They have quite a few locations around Brisbane, including the Southside which can get a little neglected for good waxing salons. They also have market stalls in West End, Chandler and Cleveland on the weekend.

GB Salon is very reasonably priced with specials posted to their website often. For just $30 you can get a Brazilian wax, which is a $15 discount with a special they have running.

MaxWax | Nundah

MaxWax is an appointment only waxing salon that provides waxing for both males and females in Brisbane.

What makes MaxWax so special is that the owner (Kate Chisholm) has over 15 years of experience waxing and offers 10 minute Brazilian waxes! So if you are looking for a great Brazilian wax in Brisbane, this is a great spot!

That means you don’t have to sit around in pain waiting for the technician to remove every last hair down there. If you want to get in and out and on your way, then Max Wax is the perfect place in Brisbane for your waxing needs.

Brazilian waxing starts at $65 for men and $55 for women.

Wax’d | Helensvale | Capalaba | Mt Ommaney

Waxing is pretty much all Wax’d does. Isn’t that awesome? When a business focuses on just one service, they tend to do it well, very well actually and Wax’d is no different.

You don’t need an appointment, you just come on in and leave feeling smooth and wonderful.

They do waxing for both men and women and prices for a full back for men will cost you $35 and a bikini for women will set you back $24.


Essential Beauty | CBD

If you are looking for a no frills, reliable and affordable waxing salon in Brisbane city, you can’t go too far wrong with Essential Beauty. They have locations all over Brisbane and Australia, but their Adelaide Street salon can’t be beat.

Offering waxing for both men and women, you can get a full leg and bikini starting from $74.95 and for men, you can get a XXX Manzilian for just under $100.

Not forgetting the all important eyebrows, waxing starts from $19.95 for women and $18.95 for men.

Bellevue Beauty | Woolloongabba

If you are looking for reliable cheap waxing in Brisbane, this may be the perfect salon for you. There is one catch however. Bellevue Beauty is a training academy for aspiring beauticians.

Every treatment is done under the supervision of trained staff and treatments can be considerably cheaper as well, so you get all the benefits of a professional beauty salon, but at a lot less in price.

They wax both males and females. If you are a guy with a hairy back, a full back wax will set you back a crazy affordable $20 and for females, if you want a Brazilian, that will cost you $30.

Waxing Top Tip:

Remember to wear loose fitting clothing before and after your wax. Wearing skin tight clothes can cause ingrown hairs to form. Try not to touch the area of skin you had waxed too much as well, as this can cause skin irritation and infections from germs on your hands.

Brazilian Beauty | 17 Locations In Brisbane

Brazilian Beauty specialises in high-end beauty services. From LED light therapy to Dermal Rolling, they do it all. Of course, their name suggests that their specialty is of the sticker origin.

Brazilian Beauty does in fact offer waxing services for both the feminine and masculine sexes. Promising to “make your hair removal experience a speedy and comfortable encounter” Brazilian Beauty does more than make your skin smoother than a baby’s bottom, they truly care about your comfort.

Their signature Brazilian wax for women starts at $67

Wax It | North Lakes | Carindale | Indooroopilly | Garden City

No appointment required at a Wax It salon which we love. Just walk in and get a great, affordable wax. They are also located in some of the biggest shopping centres in Brisbane which makes them super convenient to get to.

Aside from waxing, they offer walk in spray tanning and tinting. When it comes to waxing however, they offer both male and female waxing.

Eyebrow waxing starts at $17.95 and a bikini wax will set you back $27.50.

Shine Beauty | Chermside | CBD

Open 7 days a week with 2 convenient locations in Brisbane, Shine Beauty has become a very popular place to get your wax on in Brisbane with over 40,000 customers a year visiting their salons in QLD.

Started in 1999 by Tania Turner, Shine Beauty has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 14 years by offering great treatments at affordable prices in all their salons.

The treatment you get at the Chermside salon will be of the same quality to the one you get from the CBD salon. Their prices are extremely affordable with an eyebrow waxing starting from $22.

Male / Mens Waxing In Brisbane – Can’t Forget The Guys As Well!

The waxing salons below do both both men and women, but we wanted to give a shout out to 2 businesses who really do mens waxing well. Waxing can be a daunting experience for men. 

Millk | Teneriffe

With over 15 years of experience, Millk is one of the best places for mens waxing near the city.

Their waxing services cover virtually every place where hair grows, and their male waxing sessions start at $50 if you want your back done and go all the way up to $244 for a full body wax including a Manzilia.

They also do great eyebrow waxing as well, which will set you back $25.

Millk also uses a special kind of wax that is perfect for sensitive skin. You or your man will find the staff at Millk as nothing less than professional.

Total Waxing | Annerley

Suzanne Stubbs is the owner of Total Waxing and has over 10 years of professional experience in the beauty industry.

However, the salon specialises strictly in waxing and in spray tanning. When it comes to their waxing, they offer both back and chest waxing for $30.

While there are many great places in Brisbane for waxing, the above top 11 are our favourites. No matter if you want a Brazilian or a manly back wax or you are looking for somewhere cheap and quick, we’ve got you covered.

Do you have a favourite waxing salon in Brisbane that you rave about? If so, let us know in the comments below. We would love to be able to cover every great business, but that’s just not possible, but that’s where you come in.

Have you also thought about threading to get rid of your unwanted hair?

All information & pricing above was correct at time of publishing.

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