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Our Mission

Ushop.com.au is more than just another business directory.

We can’t stress that point enough!

Our motto is, “Connecting Locals” and our goal is to connect the right local businesses with the right local searches. It’s a match made in heaven. Local businesses need local residents to buy their goods and services and local residents need local businesses to help them with their every day lives.


We are here to facilitate and make that process easier for both parties using high quality top lists, created and curated by hand here at Ushop Australia. All of our lists showcase what we believe to be the best businesses for that particular product or service in that area.

If you want to find the top carpet cleaners in Melbourne, we can help you. If you want to find the best eyebrow threading services in Adelaide, we can help you. No matter what you are looking for, we either have or will have a list on it.

If we don’t have a list you are looking for yet, send us an email anytime with your list suggestion that we should have on our site. You can contact us here;


About Ushop Australia

Ushop.com.au was founded in early 2014 and over the last 12 months we’ve become one of the fastest growing directories in Australia. We are doubling in size each month in terms of traffic and lists on our site.

We are a dedicated team of professional, editors, writers, researchers, SEO’ers, designers, and more, solely dedicated to bringing you the best of the best when it comes to Australian businesses.

Ushop was built to fill a gap. Standard business directories give you very little information about a business or service while most review sites are full of fake reviews and usually cover a small segment of businesses.

Our lists are easy to read and give you exactly what you need quickly. The best businesses, listed out for you, showcasing what they do well and easy access to their contact details. Simple as that.

Our Lists

All of our top lists and ultimate guides are compiled from hours of research by us here at Ushop Australia. We compile all of our lists by hand, nothing is automated and all lists are created free from bias.

No business can buy their way onto one of our lists. While we do offer advertising (which is clearly marked as sponsorship), entry onto our lists as one of our non sponsored top businesses can never be purchased.

The businesses on our top lists are there because we believe they are the best of the best when it comes to service and quality. If you feel your business should be on one of our lists, email us at contact@ushop.com.au.

We love it when you comment on our content and our lists. Remember, always be polite and your comments will always be welcome. We don’t remove comments just because someone else doesn’t like it.

The best way to get in contact and keep in contact with us is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter or both! We will also be launching our weekly newsletter in early 2015.


* We take every care to make sure the businesses we feature on Ushop are the best of the best, but like any transaction, you should always do your own due diligence before spending any money with any business listed on Ushop or anywhere for that matter.

* While we do list health related businesses, we specifically do not give medical advice on any topics. You should always talk to a professional health care worker before trying any new treatments or procedures.

* All photos used on this site are either copyright free or given correct attribution. If you feel a photo on our site has been used incorrectly, please email us immediately at contact@ushop.com.au so we can correct the problem ASAP.

* If you do not wish for your business to be on our site, please email us and we will remove your listing,

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