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Do you drink a lot of coffee or soft drink? Are you a smoker? If yes, then you would probably have noticed a significant decline in the whiteness of your teeth.

Even without drinking and eating a lot of sugar or smoking, our teeth lose their whiteness over time. Luckily, there are plenty of safe whitening solutions on the market and of course whitening services.

The major benefit of going with a teeth whitening service is the almost instant results that you will get. Today we have for you, 14 of what we believe to be, the best teeth whitening services in Perth and where possible, we’ve included the type of treatment they use and their cost.

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Teeth Whitening In Perth – Our Top 14 Teeth Whitening Services

DB Dental | Over 15 Locations In & Around Perth

If you are looking for a safe, professional and cheerful dental environment then a DB Dental care clinic would be a good choice for you. With dental clinics in numerous locations in Perth, the DB dental group is the largest privately owned dental group in Australia.

Experts at teeth whitening, a DB dental health care professional will walk you through the in-chair whitening procedure before a session, to ensure your safety and well being.

Make sure you check out their fee structure and other rebates on their website before you book an appointment. DB Dental also offer take home whitening kits as well.

LifeCare Dental | Perth CBD | Kingsway

Established for over 25 years, LifeCare Dental has been providing professional dental services for residents of Perth tirelessly for seven days a week, including all public holidays, which comes in handy for emergencies.

Speaking of dental emergencies, Lifecare Dental have you covered there as well. If you have suffered any sort of dental trauma, or even if you just have a tooth ache that won’t quit, Lifecare Dental can take care of that for you.

If you are looking for those perfectly white teeth then you can either avail their Smartbleach or Venus White Max solution.

Sparkles R Us |Sinagra

If you think your teeth need an immediate refurbishment then Sparkles R Us in Perth will be able to provide an affordable, satisfactory and lasting service.

Utilising the safe and powerful ICANS technology, the dental assistants at Sparkles R Us are highly skilled professionals specialised in cosmetic teeth whitening procedure.

We would recommend that you spend an extra $24 to sit for an hour long session ($99) compared to the 30 minutes session which is priced at $75.

Accent Dental Care | CBD

Accent dental Care provides Zoom Chair-side teeth whitening procedure to help you achieve a radiant smile within 2 hours total (repeat appointments needed).

On the other hand if you are looking for quicker results, the Laser Dental Teeth Whitening Treatment might be the procedure you are looking for. It is one of the quickest and longest lasting teeth whitening treatments available.

Mt Pleasant Dental Centre | My Pleasant

Fulfill your desire to restore the natural colour of your teeth and enhance your appearance at the Mt Pleasant Dental Centre. With the skill of highly qualified experienced dentists and the service of the latest dental facilities, Mt Pleasant Dental Centre is designed to cater your individual dental needs.

To institute a visual appeal and to preserve the aesthetic balance of your teeth, Mt Pleasant Dental Centre offers two whitening procedures; Zoom Laser teeth Whitening, and a smile whitening tray kit.

Stirling Street Dental Clinic | CBD

Dr Quincy Leung and his team of dentistry experts are dedicated to restore the color of your teeth and to eliminate the natural stains that affect your teeth.

Using the latest technology, you can either decide to walk home with their take home whitening kit or sit for an in-office whitening session.

The Stirling Street Dental Clinic also conducts other dental treatments including bridges, dental implants, and wisdom tooth extractions.

Advanced Dental Artistry | West Perth | Morley

Advanced Dental Artistry is operated by Dr. Adrian Kat, an expert cosmetic dentist who furthered his dentistry skills in America. Along with his team of dedicated and passionate staff Dr. Kat is devoted to providing the best results for your teeth.

They are equipped with the creative brilliance and the technical knowledge required to send you away with an incandescent smile.

Tuart Hill Dental | Tuart Hill

Providing a range of services from cosmetic care to emergency treatment, Tuart Hill Dental offers specialist, comfortable and reasonable services for anyone on a quest for better teeth.

The teeth whitening process at Tuart Hill Dental starts with an assessment by a dentist to determine whether you are suitable for their Zoom! In-chair procedure. Once you are approved as a suitable candidate for the process, the dentist will administer the treatment.

A Zoom! In-chair procedure at Tuart Hill Dental will set you back by $795. Moreover, you can also purchase teeth whitening take home kits for $395 if you are looking for a cheaper option.

Clara Beauty Salon and Skin Clinic | Fremantle

If you have a very special occasion planned for the weekend or if you are a bride hoping to find the right beauty care partner for your wedding, Clara Beauty Salon and Skin Clinic should be your first choice. With everything from teeth whitening services to an online shop, Clara Beauty Salon and Skin Clinic will take care of you, pamper you and prep you up for that admirable dance with your partner.

The price tag for an improved look with impressive white teeth is $149 for a 30 minute session and $199 for a 60 minute long session.

You could also join their free VIP club to enjoy a 10% reduction to your costs and to save 5% when you shop online.

Dental O So Gentle | Beldon | CBD

Conveniently located in two locations including Perth city, Dental O So Gentle, an establishment founded by Dr. Jeff Broude stands with a reputation to pursue excellent services, professionalism in diagnosing and delivering affordable treatments.

For those of you with healthy, unrestored and aesthetically well aligned teeth, Dental O So Gentle will give you a complimentary teeth whitening when you book in for a hygiene and exam appointment!

Dental Sense | Midland

Depending on the cause that attributed to the discoloration of your teeth, Dr. Tim Lego and his team of qualified personal at Dental Sense will advise you about the wide range of advanced techniques available for your teeth whitening procedure.

With a paramount focus on patient satisfaction, Dr. Lego and his team will answer any concerns you have and devise an action plan best suited for your teeth.

Whether you are looking for a take home teeth whitening kit or teeth whitening service like Zoom teeth whitening, one of the clinics above will be able to help you and your teeth out.

Have you had your teeth whitened in Perth? If so let us know in the comments below about your experience. We are always looking to add great businesses to our lists.

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All information & pricing above was correct at time of publishing.

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