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shoes-online-australiaIf you are looking for affordable shoes online in Australia with a great variety, then look no further. Arranged below are ten of the best places to buy shoes online.

This list not only includes popular local online outlets, but US and UK stores where the cost of shipping is justified by what they have to offer.

So why wait? We’ve also compiled our top list of the best places to buy wedding shoes online in Australia as well!

Our Favourite Online Stores To Buy Shoes Online In Australia

Sierra Trading Post

The Sierra Trading Post, may seem like an unlikely option when purchasing online shoes in Australia, considering they are a large US outlet, but it makes the list for a very important reason. The Sierra Trading Post is one of the few places that stock shoes for very large feet while also shipping to Australia.

The downside is when it comes to shipping. Choose very carefully. While the Sierra Trading Post does allow refunds, it will cost an arm and a leg in shipping costs back and forth. If you know exactly what you want, then you can benefit from lower then average prices. (Up to 70% off retail).

The Sierra Trading Post sells a variety of outdoor and working shoes in men’s, women’s and children’s designs and sizes. If you want comfortable shoes for large feet, then the Sierra trading Post should be the first place you look online.


What makes Authentics worth while is the large selection of Timberland and Converse shoes. Authentics sell to men, women, and children with an average price of around $80 to $100 AUD per pair depending on the style. In addition, Authentics sells sports shoes, high tops and boots, lo cuts, oxfords, sandals, and slip ons.

Being based in Australia, shipping costs are much lower then US or UK imports. In addition, Authentics has a 100% refund policy if you do not like your shoes. All that is required is a copy of the receipt, the original box, and the shoes. Also, shipping is free if you spend over $89.99. All of this comes together to make Authentics the place to go for all of your Converse and Timberland needs.

ZU Shoes

What makes ZU shoes a part of the top ten list is their wide selection of dress, business, and fashion shoes. Men and women’s shoes are sold, including heels, wedges, flats, boots, casual, corporate, and dress. ZU Shoes brings together many well known brands and provides them to us here in OZ at a good price.

An average price depends on what kind of shoes you are looking for. However, most shoes run between $75 and $150 AUD. ZU shoes also offers free returns and exchanges for all shoes purchased online, barring sale items. If you want those fancy shoes from a local outlet, then look no further.


What makes Asos worth investigating and the reason it is on this list is because it has a flat $10.50 quid flat shipping rate to buy-shoes-onlineAustralia. When paired with its incredible selection of shoes, it makes it the perfect place to bulk order multiple pairs of shoes.

Asos carries shoes for men and women, but are a little more expensive for us here in OZ as they are based in the UK. However, with such a wide selection of shoes that may be harder to find in Australia for cheaper, Asos is the place to go. Just remember, as with most outlets based out of OZ, expensive shipping and handling fees will follow any returns on a wrong purchase.


Another popular selection is Betts online, based here in Australia. Betts made its way onto this list because of the frequent sales that go on at their website. This includes sales for most holidays, random sales, and discounts for becoming a member of the website. Focusing heavily on work and dress shoes, Betts has a wide selection of heels, wedges, boots, flats, casual, business, and dress. Shoes at Betts average about $100 AUD per pair.

This can drop by $25 AUD after sales are taken into consideration. Shoes can be returned if you have had them for less then 14 days, they have not been worn, and they are in an unused condition. Exchanges and refunds are accepted at Betts, with the stipulation that the shoes be in pristine condition.


Sometimes, you just need the best. EastBay is the place to go for the best selection on athletic footwear and that’s why they are on this list. EastBay has a wide selection of sport shoes for men, women, and children. With such a wide selection, prices range dramatically from an average of $75 AUD for cheaper shoes, to $150 AUD for more expensive sport /event specific shoes.

Though based in the US, EastBay ships to here to OZ. If you are interested in purchasing top of the line sports shoes, then EastBay is for you. Beware however, though EastBay has a generous 90 day return policy, shipping costs will quickly add up if you are unsatisfied with your shoes. In our opinion they are still worth the cost, especially if you’re familiar with US sizing and know your foot shape & size well.

Pediwear Menswear

Pediwear Menswear makes it onto this list for one reason, high quality men’s shoes. Pediwear Menswear has over 200 years shoes-online of selling shoes. High quality brands include Pediwear, Barker, Grenson, Sanders, Mephisto, Drapor of Glastonbury, Timberland, and Sowerby. Loafers, deck shoes, moccasins, sandals, suede, and smart casual shoes can all be found here.

Pediwear Menswear is the perfect place if you have the money and you know what you want. That being said, an average pair of shoes can run you upwards of over $275 AUD. Pediwear Menswear ships to most countries around the world, including to us here in OZ. They also have a gracious return policy. However, like with most other US or UK shoe stores, the shipping expenses will quickly add up if you do not like what you purchase.


Hit or miss. That’s how we summed up buying shoes from Ebay. From Men’s Women’s and children’s, formal to casual, worn to new, brands to unique one of a kinds, Ebay can be just the place to find your perfect pair of shoes. Almost every brand you can think of shows up on Ebay, as well as shoes in all sizes and types. In addition, the bidding system allows for shoes to be less expensive overall then when purchasing directly from a retail outlet.

Though the average price will be 10 to 20% less then in stores, be careful about the quality of the shoes and the user who is selling them. Make sure they have good reviews and are considered trustworthy. The return policy for shoes on Ebay depends on the person who is selling them. Ebay also has certain protections for their customers in case the person you are buying from tries to run off with your money, which in all honesty, has never happened to me on Ebay. Either way, it is better to be safe then sorry.

Style Tread

Another Australian favourite. If you are interested in what’s trending, then look no further then Style Tread. Style Tread offers a wide selection of stylish shoes for men, women, and children. Shoe types include peep toes, casuals, pumps, comfort, sneakers, wedges, heels, boots, flats, boat shoes, loafers, casuals, dress, sneakers and ankle boots.

A wide selection of fashionable shoes helps to put Style Tread on this top ten list. In addition, there are many opportunities on the website to save more by becoming a member. This includes a $10 voucher off your first purchase just for signing up.

On average, shoes are about $100 to $150 AUD per pair, however discounts can drop that number to about $90. Style Treads also has a free delivery for purchases over $50 AUD, as well as a free return policy for the first thirty days after purchase.

High quality shoes, sold by a local company with all the brands you know and love.

Boston Babe

If you are looking for ladies shoes in Australia, this is a great place to start.

For over 20 years, Boston Babe has worked in Sydney to provide locals with a wide selection of excellent quality, fashionable footwear. Including ballets, boots, flats, heels, platforms, sandals, and wedges, Boston Babe has made a name in affordable fashion.

The Boston Babe website includes multiple yearly collections, as well as additional style and shoe advice. Their relationship with the community and their consumers helps put them on this list. With an average price of $60 to $100 AUD for the majority of their selection, Boston Babe works to keep down the prices on many brand names. In addition, Boston Babe has a fairly standard return policy, as well as multiple locations across Australia.

As of writing this, they also have a $14.95 mega sale section to their website where they put certain shoes up for sale at $14.95.

Hopefully, the above guide will help you find the perfect place for you to get your next pair of shoes online. Whether they are for men or women, casual or fancy, small sizes or large, there are options available for even the most choosy customer.

Tell us, where do you buy your shoes? Leave a message in the comment section below.

All information & pricing above was correct at time of publishing.

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