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It’s almost that time again.


Oktoberfest to us here at Ushop.com.au is like all our Birthdays and Christmases all rolled together into one glorious few weeks. Luckily we don’t have to be in Germany to celebrate like the Germans do.

Australia has some of the best Oktoberfest events and celebrations outside Munich. Which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as we do really love our beer here.

But the great thing is, it’s not all beer swilling and drunks. The events we’ve been to have been a great time, lot’s of good people and a lot of good German beer and food!

This is our Ultimate Guide To Celebrating Oktoberfest In Australia.

Oktoberfest In Brisbane

Brisbane German Club | East Brisbane

Located in the heart of Brisbane is the Original Brisbane Oktoberfest at the Brisbane German Club. The club caters to everything German, and serves up tasty German food and beer. The club’s in-house restaurant includes delicious menu items like Pork Knuckle, Sauerbraten, and German Sausages.

With Oktoberfest just around the corner, the Brisbane German Club is getting ready to host their three day celebration of German culture. Admission starts at $5 for club members and $10 for non-club members. Once inside, you will get your choice of over 60 different German beers and delicious food all while listening to traditional German music.

Their Oktoberfest event is usually held over the first weekend of October.

Brisbane’s Oktoberfest | Brisbane Showgrounds

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in the midst of an authentic German Festival? Well, thanks to the Oktoberfest Brisbane festival you no longer have to. Australia’s own Oktoberfest is about to kick off in the coming weeks, and one of the best places to enjoy it is here!

Brisbane’s Oktoberfest is the largest in Australia and is listed as one of the top 10 Oktoberfest festivals in the world! The festival takes place over 2 weekends (usually in the middle of October) and includes traditional Bavarian performances and music straight from Munich along with the finest German foods in Brisbane.

The festival is family friendly, although towards the evening hour’s things lean more towards beer drinking than anything else. Presale tickets start at $16 for admission.


Oktoberfest In Sydney

German-Austrian Club Oktoberfest | Cabramatta

What better place to celebrate Oktoberfest than at a German-Austrian club? The German-Austrian club caters to those of German descent. With an Auditorium, a Lufthansa Lounge, and delicious food the club is certainly a go-to spot for Oktoberfest this year. Take the club’s food, for example.

Their Black Forest restaurant sells only authentic German food, and does a very good job of it. The club’s Oktoberfest is in its 45th year and tickets cost $15 for guests and are free for members. If your idea of fun is drinking tons of delicious beer while listening to the music of a 5 piece German band than you will love the German-Austrian Club’s Oktoberfest in Sydney.

Their Oktoberfest event is usually held on the first weekend of October.

Lowenbrau Keller | The Rocks

Lowenbrau Keller is one of Sydney’s most authentic Munich inspired restaurant and bar. Lowenbrau Keller is inspired by traditional German restaurants and pubs, and infuses Australian culture into the restaurant for an original take on the traditional.

The amount of beer on tap at this restaurant is ri-donk, and the in-house ‘bier’ selection is diverse. As for Oktoberfest, the Lowenbrau is by far the best restaurant to celebrate at in Sydney.

The staff plays the part of the bier maid perfectly, and the evening’s festivities are beyond fun. Check out Lowenbrau if you want to experience quality German bier and food in  a traditional bier hall environment.

Oktoberfest In Melbourne

Melbourne’s Oktoberfest In The Gardens | Birrarung Marr Park

If you live in Melbourne and are looking for the best Oktoberfest‘festival to enjoy, then check out Oktoberfest in the Gardens. The festival is new, only in its fourth year, but what it offers more than makes up for what it lacks in experience. Melbourne’s own Oktoberfest takes place in a massive outdoor beer hall and is home to six distinctively different, yet fully stocked bars.

Authentic German food halls will line the gardens giving passersby a chance to taste German food the way it was meant to be experienced, right after drinking tons of German bier! Tickets start at $35 for early birds and are $55 at the door the day of.

The event is usually held on the last weekend of October.

Hophaus Presents Hoptober Fest | Southbank

HopHaus is positioned on the second floor of Melbourne’s Southgate promenade. This restaurant/bier garden is a premier spot for authentic German food and bier. The venue has an open fire kitchen, modern décor, and over 30 different beers on tap. HopHaus infuses modern finishes with the ancient practice of German beer drinking.

This year the restaurant will host its own Oktoberfest of sorts, only they are calling it Hoptoberfest. The celebration will include face painting for kids, live German music, and a Special Oktoberfest Bier flown in from Bavaria, Germany.

The celebration begins September 20th at their launch party. HopHaus is also one of our favourite German restaurants in Melbourne.


Oktoberfest In Perth

Oktoberfest In the Gardens | Supreme Court Gardens

Oktoberfest in the Gardens of Perth will be in its fourth year this October, and will pulling out all the stops for guests. The festival includes a massive outdoor beer hall, 7 distinctive beer bars, and of course authentic German food stalls! No Oktoberfest would be complete without German entertainment, and the Perth Oktoberfest will include plenty of it.

A long list of German bands, dj’s, and singers will be present, rounding out the festivities. When you buy your ticket (tickets start at $53.50) you get one drink free, so be sure and get your ticket early so you don’t miss out on this event.

This is an 18+ event.

Elmar’s In The Valley | Henley Brook

Elmar’s in the Valley is a micro glass brewery and restaurant. Elmar’s specialises in authentic German food and focuses on small intimate lunches. Although they do take reservations they tend to only take up to 14 people. However, that all changes come Oktoberfest.

Elmar’s In The Valley takes things to new level with a VIP Beer Tent ($145 per VIP ticket, which includes lunch and a lot more), tug-o-war competitions, delicious German BBQ, and of course tons of beer. They also offer a bouncy castle for the kiddos. Tickets are affordably priced.

Oktoberfest In Adelaide

The German Club | CBD

The German Club celebrates German heritage in South Australia year round. The club has hundreds of members and specialises in all things German.

The German Club’s bistro menu includes garlic bread, bratwurst sausages and tons of other authentic German meals, including one of our favourites, beef gulasch. Their beer selection includes everything from lights to German imports.

Their Oktoberfest event, which starts on the 26th of September, includes a best dressed competition, slap dancing, Oompah music, and legendary DJ Herbert Stauber. Check them out of if you are looking for a more intimate event.

Tickets cost $12, which includes a free stein!

Oktoberfest In Canberra

Harmonie Club | Exhibition Park

Harmonie Club in Canberra aims to “encourage and foster the German language, culture, habits and social life in Australia”, so you know it’s going to be good!

Their restaurant, awesomely named ‘Knuckles” offers a plethora of German food for you to choose from, including of course German meats and their famous pork knuckle dish. The venue also provides catering upon requests, and offers a wide selection of German Beers.

Their Oktoberfest event, which usually starts at the end of October, features German food stalls, selling all your favourite German dishes, beer tents, and Dutch pancakes. Not to mention live entertainment and music.

Check out the Harmonie Club for a fun and intimate Oktoberfest. Entry fee’s start at $10.


Oktoberfest In Hobart

Oktoberfest Hobart | Salamanca

Are you looking for the perfect way to taste authentic German food and beer while experiencing ancient Bavarian traditions this Oktoberfest? Well, then you might want to check out the Oktoberfest in Hobart.

With everything from stein races to cow milking and oompah bands and strong woman battles, this Oktoberfest take your family and your money over to Oktoberfest in Hobart to experience a truly unique German festival.

The event is usually held over the 2nd weekend of Octobers & tickets cost a measly $12!

Oktoberfest In Darwin

SkyCity Oktoberfest | Mindil Beach

Why not try something a bit different this year, and head out to a beachside pavilion to experience Oktoberfest in an entirely new way? This year SkyCity Casino is hosting Oktoberfest for an entirely new take on this ancient festival.

The 4 day festival will include the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Oktoberfest, 60 kegs of beer, and an authentic Bavarian band. Entry is free, but SkyCity is offering a $55 package deal that includes a souvenir stein and a few other special treats.

Oktoberfest On The Sunshine Coast

King Ludwigs German Restaurant | Maleny

King Ludwigs German Restaurant & Bar has one of the most extensive German menus of most any other restaurant in the country. Their menu starts with lunch items like Munich Oktoberfest Pretzels, and moves forward with delectable dinner items like Lende vom Lamm mit Polenta & Ratatouille.

We love that their idea of a ‘light lunch’ menu consists of a crumbed pork schnitzel on a pretzel bagel with bacon!

Their Oktoberfest event, which starts in late September, includes dinner and a complimentary stein, live entertainment and dancing, and a three-course meal.

Prices for King Ludwigs Oktoberfest meal start at $80. You will how ever, need to book early!

A better list of Oktoberfest events in Australia, there is not. With some of the best Oktoberfest events outside of Germany, you will be sure to find something that tickles your fancy in the list above.

Just remember to party and drink responsibly and of course to never drink and drive. Most of these events have specially catered for public transport available or are accessible by train.

If you are going to Oktoberfest this year, tell us in the comments below where you are going and of course let us know how the event was. We’d also love to know if we missed a great Oktoberfest event in Australia as well!

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