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With summer fast approaching, we thought we would put together a great list of all the best mobile spray tan services in Australia for you. We know you are short on time and having the convenience of someone coming to your home instead of having to get to a salon is a big time saver.

Not to mention it’s quite uncomfortable and messy on the way home after a spray tan. So it’s much nicer to have your spray tan done at home with a great mobile spray tan service instead!

We’ve got all the major cities covered and quite a few smaller cities as well.

Our Top 15 Best Mobile Spray Tan Services In Australia

Mobile Spray Tan’s In Sydney

Cherry Blossom Spray Tans | Greater Sydney Area

With mobile spray tans starting at $50 for a full body tan and servicing most of the greater Sydney area, Cherry Blossom Spray Tans makes our top list easily.

Now, take into account their great reviews and testimonials and the amount of Facebook fans scrambling to book in a time, and you’ve found yourself a very good mobile spray tan service in Sydney.

Tan Van | Sydney Metro | Newcastle | Woolongong

I’m not sure why someone didn’t come up with this idea earlier. Tan Van, as the name suggests, is just that. A van that will come to your home or work or event and give you an amazing streak free and private tan.

It’s the perfect service for a wedding or major event. Instead of having to get everyone into a salon, the salon can come to you. Outside of the convenience, they also offer damn good tans.

You have the option of a 2 hour or 8 hour tan and there are many different shades of tan you can choose from. A full body tan with Tan Van starts at $39, which is an excellent price.

Colour Me Bronze | Most Areas & Suburbs In & Around Sydney

Colour Me Bronze has already made our top list of the best spray tan services in Sydney and they also deserve their spot on this list as well. Why you ask?

Because they do tans right. They use chemical free spray tan solutions and they know every tan is individual. What looked good on someone else probably won’t look good on you and they know that from years of experience in the tanning business.

Prices for a full body mobile tan start at around $40 to $50, depending on your location in Sydney. They also offer in salon tanning as well if you are nearby.

Mobile Spray Tan’s In Melbourne

Brown Bodies | Bayside | Northern Suburbs | Inner South Melbourne | Inner Western Suburbs

Brown Bodies is one of our top spray tan businesses in Melbourne and they are also one of our top mobile spray tanning businesses as well.

They offer both in salon spray tans and of course mobile tanning and they cover most suburbs in Melbourne. They stock and use 5 different types of spray tans, including Australia’s most popular tan, Tuscan Tan and a completely organic tan, Eco Tan.

Prices for their tans vary on the type of solution used, but full body tans start at $50. They also offer a 90 minute rapid developing tan for those who want to shower quicker.

Tan Time | Most Suburbs In Melbourne

Tan Time can tan you pretty much anywhere and any time in Melbourne. Their mobile tanning is open 7 days a week from 9am to 9:30pm most nights.

They use the highest quality tanning products like St Tropez & Tuscan Tan. They cater to all skin types and your tan can be customised to suit your skin type. (Me personally, I go for a very light tan).

All tans take less than 20 minutes from start to finish. A full body tan will set you back $40, but on Tuesday they have a discounted price of $33.

Mobile Spray Tan’s In Brisbane

Brisbane Mobile Spray Tans | Brisbane | Logan | Caboolture | Redcliffe | Pine Rivers

One of Brisbane’s leaders in mobile tanning, Brisbane Mobile Spray Tans covers most every suburb in Brisbane and surrounding areas like Logan & Caboolture.

They will provide you with a comfortable, mess free spray tan (they provide disposable g-strings and ‘sticky feet’ for you) in your own home. On top of that, they have 3 different development time tans to choose from. 1hr, 2hr’s & 6hr’s.

A full body spray tan with one of their professional tanning consultants starts at $40.

Melissa Coleman | Brisbane

Offering both mobile makeup artistry and tanning in Brisbane, Melissa Coleman’s service is a genuinely warm and personalised affair. She completed her Diploma of Beauty in 2001 and ever since has been dedicated to making you look and feel good.

Full body spray tans with Melissa start at $45. Price is dependent on what suburb you live in and her travel time. Melissa is also a great choice for wedding day makeup and hair as well.

Mobile Spray Tan’s In Perth

Carla Savannah’s Spray Tans | Perth

Carla has quite the loyal following in Perth. You only have to look at her Facebook page to see clients quickly trying to book in times with her to get a great, streak free tan.

Carla charges a very reasonable $35 for a full body tan. All her tans use organic products and are paraben free. She also has a loyalty reward program where every tenth spray tan is free.

Carla Savannah also made our top list of spray tanning services in Perth as well.

Perth Tans | Perth

Perth Tans offer some of the most affordable mobile tanning services in Perth with full body tans starting at $30 each for two people, or $40 just for yourself.

They stock and use quite a few different types of tanning product solutions, but they mainly use Tuscan Tan or Aviva Labs for people who want very dark tans.

They also offer in salon tans at their centrally located salon in North Perth. Also be aware, they service ladies only, sorry fella’s!.


Mobile Spray Tan’s In Adelaide

Beautify Me | Adelaide & Adelaide Hills

Yvette Hilton who owns and runs Beautify Me, has been a full time professional makeup artist since 2006. She does both in salon and mobile tanning in Adelaide and Adelaide hills.

We put Yvette on our list because of the great reviews she’s received online for her personal service and attention to detail. Also because she’s flexible with times and happy to accommodate you in the evening or later where possible. To us, that’s the whole point of a mobile tanning service, convenience!

Depending on what suburb in Adelaide you reside, a spray tan with Yvette will set you back from $40 for a full body tan.

Adelaide Mobile Beauty | Adelaide

Stephanie, the owner of Adelaide Mobile Beauty has over 12 years experience in the beauty industry from working in salons and day spas and has now struck out on her own.

She offers one of the most affordable tanning services in Adelaide with a full body tan costing $30. Her preferred tanning product is Fake Bake.

Stephanie also offers a host of other beauty services like waxing, eyebrow shaping, massage and facials. All for very affordable prices.

Also don’t forget to check out our article on the top tanning salons mobile or not in Adelaide.

Mobile Spray Tan’s On The Gold Coast

Gold Coast Spray Tans | Gold Coast

Absolutely without doubt one of the most popular mobile spray tanning services on the Gold Coast and being the Gold Coast, there are more then a few around!

Melissa, the owner of Gold Coast Spray Tans has been in business since 2009 and has created quite the loyal following. She also has quite a few local celebrity clients who use her services frequently. She is proudly a small business and goes above and beyond to give you that personal touch.

If you are after a perfect spray tan on the Gold Coast, Melissa is a great option. Her full body mobile tans start from $50.

Melanie Jane | Gold Coast

With over 9 years experience in the industry and a mastery of the spray tan technique, Melanie Jane makeup artist and tanning extraordinaire, has made many hundreds of women (with a special focus on Brides) look their best.

If you are on the Gold Coast and you are looking for someone to come to you to give you a great tan, Melanie can do that for you. Her mobile tans start at $45 for a full body service.

Mobile Spray Tan’s In Hobart

Tanlicious Mobile Spray Tanning | Hobart

Tanlicious in Hobart offer mobile spray tanning from $30 for a full body tan in the comfort of your own home. They have quite the Facebook following and their customers rave over their natural looking tans.

If you are looking for more tanning options in Hobart, then you should definitely check out our top 5 tanning salons in all of Hobart list.

Mobile Spray Tan’s In Canberra

Belle Artistry | Canberra

Belle Artistry is not only one of the most popular mobile tanning options in Canberra, but also one of most popular makeup artist services in Canberra as well. They’ve already made our list of the best makeup artists in Canberra.

Their full body spray tan prices are crazy affordable, starting at $25 (mobile tans do cost a little extra compared to in salon tans) and even cheaper if you buy sessions upfront.

Belle Artistry is open 7 days a week.

Now you should be set for tans. If you happen to be busy one week and you can’t pop into your local salon, you can still get that tan with the added benefit of it being done in the comfort of your own home.

Also, if you know of a great mobile spray tanning service in Newcastle, Darwin or on the Sunshine Coast, do let us know in the comments below as I know there is a demand for this service in those areas!

Image Credit: Sarah Ackerman

All information & pricing above was correct at time of publishing.

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