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If you are looking for something a little different in Melbourne this weekend, this list might be for you.

A day spa is a great experience no matter where you go, but a Japanese spa or bathhouse is definitely something a little bit different and unique.

Melbourne has some of the best Japanese spas and bath houses in all of Australia. While we are not going to say it’s like “being in Japan”, because it’s not, it is however the next best thing and a heck of a lot closer and cheaper.

So no matter whether you want a massage or you just want to sit in a relaxing hot spring, this top list has got you covered!

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Japanese Day Spas In Melbourne – Our Favourite Spas & Bath Houses In & Around Melbourne

Sakura Lounge | CBD

Is there really anything better than an authentic Japanese Day Spa? Sakura Lounge offers Melbournians one of the best in the region. Sakura specialises in Japanese healing and incorporates holistic healing practices for a harmonising spa experience.

Their most popular services include Kinesiology, Reiki, and Lomi Lomi Massages. With affordably priced packages and authentic Japanese therapists, Sakura Lounge creates the perfect Japanese spa atmosphere for their clients.

One of their most popular day spa packages is their ‘head to toe’ package, which includes a foot treatment, a massage and a facial for $145.

Sakura Lounge also made our list of the top 7 day spas in Melbourne’s CBD.

Japanese Mountain Retreat | Montrose

A true Japanese resort not far from Melbourne.

In the midst of landscaped gardens, stunning waterfalls and bamboo groves is the Japanese Mountain Retreat. This luxurious garden hosts unique mineral spring baths and offers authentic Japanese massage.

While their extensive spa services cater to everything from exotic spa and couples massages to facial therapy, the retreat became popular for its hot mineral spring baths which are completely private.

For true relaxation, take a dip in this Melbourne bath house at an affordable $99 for 60 minutes of pure heaven. If you want to stay overnight, they also offer traditional Japanese accommodation, high quality dining and a Japanese tea house.

This is the perfect place for a romantic getaway with a twist.

Onsen Ma | CBD

Onsen Ma Japanese Bath House combines the power of ancient Japanese healing and bathing to create a uniquely relaxing experience. According to Onsen Ma, bathing cleanses the body and the mind, and through aromatherapy that affect is made even stronger.

Being located smack bang in the CBD makes it quite easy to come in for a long lunch break to unwind before facing the rest of the day.

If you want to relax and indulge yourself, sign up for an hour long public bath for $30 or take in one of the private baths and saunas for $40.

They are also very well known for their Shiatsu massage. A 60 minute Shiatsu massage will set you back $80. You can also bundle a bath and a massage together for a cheaper price.

Top Tip For Going To A Bath House In Melbourne:

One thing to keep in mind when going to a traditional Japanese bathhouse is that they separate the sexes. Men and women don’t share the same bath and often bathing is in the nude. You can however often ask for a private bathhouse which can be shared depending on the facility you go to, not all will do this.

Traditional bathhouses by design are public and are divided by sex.

Chanoyu Spa | Collingwood

Chanoyu Spa is a multi award winner and offers their services by ‘appointment only’ so you know it is going to be luxurious. The spa’s tranquil interior helps set the stage for relaxation with traditional Japanese art work and paper screens throughout.

Considered by many to be one of the most traditional Japanese Day Spa’s in Melbourne, Chanoyu’s packages aren’t generic like many other retreats.

One of their most requested services is their signature facial which lasts for 60 minutes and will cost you $95. You will never feel rushed at Chanoyu and you will have time to have green tea after your treatment.

If you are hungry afterwards, you can always pop downstairs to the Wabi Sabi Japanese restaurant as well.

Japanese Bath House Melbourne | Collingwood

The Japanese Bath House Melbourne was the first truly authentic sento bathhouse in Australia. They have been featured in several local and national magazines, television and radio shows, and even books.

Their biggest claim to fame is the authenticity of their services, not sacrificing on tradition and the must be doing something right with over 130,000 customers to date.

You won’t find ‘mood’ lighting or fancy oils strewn throughout their complex. Just simple, to the point baths and Japanese Shiatsu massage that restores the body to its natural state.

When it comes to pricing, it’s $30 for use of their public bathhouses and that includes sauna and lounge. If you want a half hour Shiatsu massage added on, that will set you back another $46, which is very affordable.

Peninsula Hot Springs | Fingal

While not technically a Japanese bath house, Peninsula Hot Springs is still an amazing experience if you are looking for hot springs to bathe in. Natural thermal mineral water flows into their pools and provides a serenely relaxing experience.

They have been open for nearly 20 years and have become a bit of an institution in Victoria. Their 40,000+ Facebook fans will attest to that.

Bathing in the hot springs is communal, but you can book private indoor or outdoor pools just for you and your friends. Pricing for communal bathing starts at $35 and private bathing pools start from $75 for 30 minutes.

They also have a day spa on site, offering a wide range of different types of massage, salt scrubs, facials and packages for mothers to be.

While it is a bit of a drive away from Melbourne, (about 90 minutes), you will be well taken care of and they have quite a few different dining options available as well, so you won’t be going hungry if you decide to make a day of it.

Japanese Massage In Melbourne

By popular request, we’ve updated this top list with 2 places dedicated to Japanese Massage in Melbourne. While most of the spas above do Japanese Massage as part of their treatment packages, we had requests to find the best pure Japanese Massage services as well.

Miyabi | CBD & Abbotsford

Miyabi offer truly authentic Japanese massage treatments to eager Melbournians.

They of course offer Shiatsu, which is good for people who want to improve their circulation, fix up stiffness and soreness in areas like your shoulders and back, or who suffer from eye aches and headaches.

They also offer a very traditional Japanese massage called Sokuryu, which is a massage done with the soles of your feet. Miyabi is the only authorised (Japan Sokury Association) business in Australia to offer this massage.

They also offer relaxation massage and Aroma massage.

Izumi | 2 CBD Locations

Izumi offer more than just Japanese massage, with treatments like; hot stone massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy, but what gets people most excited is their Shiatsu and deep tissue massage.

They claim to have the best Shiatsu in Melbourne’s CBD and for $55 for 30 minutes, it’s highly affordable as well.

Something else they do really well is their massage packages.

Here’s an example package; for $105, you get a 75 minute ‘Happy Feet Package’ and that comes with; a foot bath and scrub, shoulder and head massage and foot Reflexology.

So there you have it. If you are looking for a unique way to relax in Melbourne, then you should definitely check out one of the authentic Japanese spas or bath houses listed above as Melbourne is lucky to have some of the best in the world.

As always, if you have a suggestion for our list or if you’ve visited one of the businesses above, let us know in the comments below!

All information & pricing above was correct at time of publishing.

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