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Your eyebrows… They are an essential factor in your facial expression and character.

They express so many emotions in your daily life, frame your features and are one of the first things people notice about you. So why wouldn’t you take the time to care for them, shape them and show them at their very best?

Sydney women you have a plethora of choice when it comes to professionals specialising in brow threading and shaping. Enter some of the most talented therapists in Australia.

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Eyebrow Threading & Shaping In Sydney & The CBD – Our Top 11 Best Brow & Threading Specialists

Your Sanctuary Day Spa | Paddington

Welcome to Your Sanctuary… Prestigious and award winning day spa located in the historical former Rectory of St. Mathias. For your convenience it is open seven days a week.

Utilising one hundred percent cotton thread, twisted in an ancient technique, your brows will be expertly shaped by a rolling motion over the skin to remove the hair at the root and creating a smooth and sheer finish.

Brow threading services from $45 and reshaping from $55. The salon offers other services depending on your requirements.

Eyebrow Experts | Double Bay

The founder of Eyebrow Experts, Svetlana has had over fifteen years experience as an eyebrow specialist. As a trained beauty and makeup artist, author and celebrity brow beauty expert you are assured to receive top quality service at your appointment.

Paying attention to your natural brow bone, your therapist will determine the ideal start, arch and peak for your unique facial structure. Importantly, they will incorporate various methods to create your perfect brows.

Bookings are essential and can be made online via their website. A first appointment with a brow expert starts at $87.

Parlour B | Paddington

Nathan, has been touted as “The Eyebrow Whisperer” by Madison magazine. Previously a teacher at the Australasian Institute of Beauty, he has many years experience behind him and recently celebrated the ten year anniversary of Parlour B.

Eyebrows are contoured to suit the facial shape, hair colour and the client’s personality. Your treatment also includes waxing and tweezing and either lightening or darkening if required.

First visit will set you back $90 and subsequent appointments are $70. Special package deal – 10 visits for $500, if paid in advance.

The Art Of Eyebrows | Sydney

At The Art of Eyebrows, Jameson specialises in natural looking eyebrows and believes if they are created with the right techniques they can dramatically improve your features.

Would you like a free Consultation?  Book a consultation and Jameson will personally assess your look and requirements and draw in designs to perfectly suit your features. Brows are shaped to create balance within your features.

Starting out at $95 for your first session to whip those brows into shape and follow up visits for maintenance is $55.

The Brow Bar | Woollahra

Loud, proud and dedicated to their client’s needs in perfecting the consistency, colour and arch of their brows.  Whatever your needs the team at The Brow Bar are ready and waiting to transform your face and your life.

Arch angels… your brow guardians. These ladies will expertly lift-shape your brows using wax, tweezers and an alignment process. They will then custom blend your brow colour and add eye makeup so you are ready to re-enter the world looking fabulous.

Brow Lift-Shaping from $70 and a quick touch up with the Petite-Express Brow is $55. A full range of eyelash and makeup services are available.

Sharon-Lee Inc | Woollahra

Are you obsessed? Sharon-Lee is… and has been for twenty years. Her philosophy is personalised and factoring in your face shape, depth of features, hair line and age among other essential details to give you the optimum result.

A full facial reading consult followed with a full service treatment that includes any and all required tinting, staining or bleaching of your brows. Manage brow bulk using wax and a lightning fast tweeze method and finished off with a light makeup.

Brow Wow with Sharon-Lee for $155 or with a senior brow artist for $80. Sharon-Lee suggests an eye lash tint for only $20 is the perfect complement to your senior brow artist consult.

Get Threaded Now | 5 Locations

This exciting business, Get Threaded Now, is leading the industry in the art of brow threading with internationally accredited eyebrow artists. They’re passionate about the industry and like to deliver the Wow to your Brows.

Ancient techniques… Yes please. Using antibacterial cotton, the unique threading method and a whole lot of talent the therapists will remove your unwanted brow hair and shape them flawlessly. Twist, roll, lift and you’re done.

Contact Get Threaded Now for bookings and prices and get excited by the results they have to offer.

Aleisha-Jane Beauty | Surry Hills

Questing for the perfect brow? The team at Aleisha-Jane Beauty can shape, define and frame your face. They believe eyebrow shaping is an essential beauty treatment for every women in today’s modern society.

Consultations include a wax, trim and define and generally need to be followed up two to four weeks later. Threading is a 100% chemical free experience and remove an entire row of hair at once, making it a fast alternative.

Complete eyebrow redesign, wax and shape from $35, top up brow maintenance from $28. Brow threading starts at $38.

Exquisite Brows | Many locations throughout Sydney

The staff at Exquisite Brows, are all about your personal experience and results. They love to see the amazed and excited look on their clients faces after their first brow threading. It’s the quality service ad technique that keeps them coming back.

An all natural procedure that’s also good for the environment. Most clients feel brow threading services is a less painful treatment and leaves your brows more defined and the subsequent regrowth is less dense.

Prices start at $20 for brows and a super special full face threading for only $65. That is a $36 saving. No appointments required.

Ilona Sophie Brow Specialist | Sydney

After eleven years in the industry and believing that eyebrows are an essential factor in facial symmetry, her talent and beliefs brought Ilona Sophie Brow Specialist to create her specific scientific technique for her clientele.

Naturally radiant? Not yet but you will be after a visit to Ilona brings back the harmony, balance, shape and proportion to your features. A series of waxing, tweezing and tinting is incorporated to create your end result.

$50 will get you looking fabulous and Ilona will teach you some easy techniques to help keep your brows looking fantastic for longer.

Designer Eyebrows by Samantha | Sydney CBD

Many years ago, Samantha’s passion and talent in the artistry of shaping brows emerged quickly ad she is now considered an expert in the field. Her passion led to the opening of her salon, Designer Eyebrows by Samantha.

Treatment lengths will vary depending on your specific brow needs. Her signature brow treatments include a consultation and the brow shaping which she declares will not involve stencils as all brows are different and must be shaped individually to the client’s features.

Samantha offers her stylistic advice and shaping for $59. She leans towards natural shaped brows but happily caters to your requirements.

No fuss, no stress, just great beauty services at great prices. That’s the way we like it at Ushop.com.au. Have you had your eyebrows tended too recently? If so, let us know in the comments below where you go in Sydney.

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Image Credit: Billie Ward

All information & pricing above was correct at time of publishing.

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